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FashionMan Vision

Who is FashionMan?

We began developing FashionMan in early 2018 with a specific vision in mind. We wanted to create quality, stylish and affordable clothes for the masses. Before we launched we wanted to ensure that our offer is vital, relevant and unique. There are so many fashion websites with great prices that we couldn't simply just be the next fast fashion site. After carefully studying people's needs and the market we sat down and started developing unique styles, patterns and categories. 

FashionMan Quality

Quality is the foundation of all styles we develop. From sourcing sustainably grown cotton to ensuring safe working conditions around the world; FashionMan kept our quality top of mind throughout the production process.

FashionMan Style

Honestly one of the hardest things in today online fashion environment is to set your self apart from the rest. Before laying pencil to any design; we asked and listened to perspective buyers. We wanted to hear what they wanted to see in a new men's fashion company. 

FashionMan Affordability

Having great style and quality is great but only if people can afford it. Keeping prices low and standards high was the toughest part of our vision to keep on track. Ultimately, we feel we were able to overcome the challenge and we are ready to meet the needs of all of you!